SCB Testimonials

I had the pleasure of working with SCB Therapy as they supported the Great Britain Men’s Deaf Football team’s preparation and participation of the 2017 Deaflympics Summer Games. During this period, their approach was extensive, invaluable and of the highest quality that I have had the pleasure of experiencing in elite sport. Their application of a wide range of different physiotherapy techniques demonstrated their ability to combine current sport science with holistic approaches that allowed them to support individuals by tailoring treatment plans to their specific needs. It was also clear that individuals not only carried out but retained advice and techniques advised by SCB Therapy and I feel that this was as a direct result of their approach not only to treat but to also educate individuals on the benefits and reasons behind the advice being provided.

From a coaching perspective, I found their methods to be proactive rather than reactive, in terms of injury management, and I firmly believe that this method resulted in the low volume of injuries that the squad experienced in both the build-up and duration of an intensive match schedule associated with competing at an Olympic competition. Their control and attention to detail of the squad’s performance, of important but often neglected, elements such as warm downs and recovery processes was magnificent but also testament to the relationship’s that they established with the squad and was a pleasure to observe. Further, their delivery of in game treatments was of the highest standard and demonstrated their in-depth practical experience of treatment delivery in match situations. Finally, SCB Therapy regularly interacted with the management team to provide accurate condition status of the players, throughout the tournament, that were used not only to inform team selection but to also manage work load of the squad.

I believe strongly that SCB Therapy would not only enhance an elite sports medical team but also benefit individuals that require support in overcoming a variety of aliments of a personal nature. Interacting with both Claire and Simon and witnessing first hand their passion for sports therapy has encouraged me as a coach to re-visit my own knowledge but also change my view on the importance that sports therapy plays in elite sport.

Mark Saunderson

Head Coach Great Britain Men’s and Fulham Deaf Football Teams